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6 Trendy, Undiscovered Nairobi Bars

September 29, 2017


6 Trendy, Undiscovered Nairobi Bars

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Kenya’s capital is known regionally for its fabulous and elongated nightlife, not shy of swanky interior design, bold yet unique layouts and a cacophony of talented mixologists. The eclectic mix of upmarket entertainment escapes make the reveler spoiled for choice from some globally competitive establishments. Below, I’ve compiled a list of undiscovered spots in Nairobi, so be quick about checking them out for yourself, before popularity entrances them deep into the exclusivity thy already enjoy.

Baobox Cafe

Staying in the Westlands area, the Baobox Cafe is a serious contender when it comes to a great chill out spot in the chief entertainment district of Nairobi. Tucked away on the eighth floor of Pramukh Towers, plenty of dark wood, chunky crate tables and an airy interior make for the perfect ambiance to get down to its core business – games. The Baobox boasts a wide array of board games which patrons enjoy, from Scrabble and Chess to over 100 more options which will make you spoilt for choice. The establishment manages family-friendly quite nicely and its the perfect place to go and bond with your mates, your dates or whoever else you’d like to get to know a bit better and get competitive.

Humidor Cigar Bar & Lounge

It really is business unusual at the Humidor Cigar Bar and Lounge. The elegant and posh surroundings are perfect for a quite drink with friends, or the persuasive environment you need to seal that after-hours deal that requires whiskey, cigars or cocktails. The self-styled sophisticated lobby bar may overlook the pool lounge and the lobby, but ingenious Chinese walls, glass compartments and hardwood shelves ensure no compromise on your privacy and comfort. There’s a wide selection of premium wines, whiskeys, vodkas, and rum and the service is as 5-star as the hotel it sits in.

Wet Lounge

This has to one of the most chic and classy places in Nairobi to keep it classy and enjoy a glass of champagne. The Wet Lounge is an amalgamation of awe, beauty and impeccable design, with angular and colourful corners and crevices surrounded by glitter, gleam and beautifully detailed floors and walls. It’s quiet confidence comes to life in the night time when the abundance of cool and warm colours intertwine to create a magical ambiance.

La Tasca – the Spanish Connection

From the panoramic view atop the building to the basement, the location of La Tasca is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The new of the Lavington Mall seamlessly blends with the old feel of the Spanish corner, transporting you to an authentic woody setting that’s honest as it is rich in its array of wines and expatriates. Try something new, from the food to the experience, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Tapas Ceviche – Nairobi

Any visit to Nairobi’s upmarket Westgate Mall may be marked incomplete without making a beeline to one of the petit tables in a corner of the Tapas Ceviche Bar that’s just by the main entrance, ensconced in the shade and seclusion of young shrubs and parasols. You can commandeer a table on the balcony and choose from a generous selection of cocktails, spirits, wines and champagnes, alongside Spanish cuisine that tickles the taste buds. If you chose to sit around the island bar, you can enjoy watching the mixologists and chefs whip up excellent concoctions to suit your palette.

Karel T Lounge

The newest recommendation on the list is made up of calvados and cognac, fresh lemon juice, Brunello di Montalcina and Merlot IGT red wine, Champagne MUMM, Ferrari and Berlucci. A tastefully yet minimally furnished interior offers a homely and subtly elegant ambiance which overlooks the new wing of the Diplomatic District’s retail pride and joy, the Village Market shopping center. The centerpiece of Karel-T is its very English (it’s not) and sophisticated brunches and its wide array of Meditteranean culinary experiences, served on unconventional black plaques, after all plates happen to be to mainstream these days.

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