Eminem Scales the Empire State Building in Exclusive ‘Venom’ Performance

October 17, 2018


Eminem Scales the Empire State Building in Exclusive ‘Venom’ Performance

It’s not everyday that you will see US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Google Pixel 3, team up with New York‘s Empire State Building, for long the city’s tallest, and Eminem, for long one of America’s greatest rap talent, to perform the song ‘Venom‘ off his new Kamikaze album. It so happens to be the soundtrack to the current Box Office king by the same title, starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams (not the Destiny’s Child one).

The prolific rapper drops the mic at the bottom of the 1,250ft building, and picks it up again as he makes his way up one of America’s most iconic buildings. It’s evident that Sony Pictures‘ ‘Venom’ has been great both for Sony, and for Eminem.

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‘Thank you, Mister Eminem’, said a ‘building attendant’ who happens to be the rapper’s security sidekick, as he got off the elevator. Eminem’s look went dead as he replied, in a Venom-esque tone, ‘You mean, Shady’, referencing his persona ‘Slim Shady’.

Watch his exclusive performance in the video above. Eminem’s latest studio album, Kamikaze, is out now

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